About Us

Perkasie Regional Authority is a regional leader in providing high-quality, cost-effective water and sewer services to its residential and business customers. For more than a century, our leaders have show vision and ingenuity in developing the system to meet the needs of a growing population.

Today, we are on the cutting edge of technology that ensures that rich tradition continues.

As the community we serve has grown from 50 services in 1895 to 4,622 water services in 2012, our goal of providing potable (safe and drinkable) water remains the same. A dedicated staff of 12 employees works around the clock to ensure a safe supply of drinking water for our consumers and an adequate supply of water for use in fire emergency situations

We provide high-quality water service to 4,622 water customers and sewer service to 3,783 customers at an average cost of $1.14 for water, $1.34 for sewer, and $.04 for fire protection per day, based on an average use of 15,000 gallons per quarter.

We have been a leader in water use reduction and conservation over the years. We have replaced and upgraded 8.2 miles of water lines over the last 15 years, reducing water loss by replacing outdated infrastructure.

In 2008, our average daily water production was less, per unit, than in 1994 with 1,117 more customers in 2008 than 1994, which shows the effectiveness of the Authority’s water conservation efforts.

In 2002, we were was recognized by the Delaware River Basin Commission as an Authority that set an example in water resource management.

To date we are the only provider to have a “reserve allocation” of water available from the Delaware River Basin Commission, in the event we would need it. Pro-active management of the water and sewer systems made this possible.

Our management of our sewage collection system was recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in their report to the United States Congress on the impacts and control of sanitary sewer system overflows. We have also replaced 28,333 feet of sewer mains and 158 manholes in our efforts to update the sewer collection system.

In 2003, and again in 2005, we were rewarded by the financial markets with an underlying A rating on our bond issues. At that time, we were one of only eight Authorities in the Commonwealth to receive this coveted rating from Standard and Poor’s and one of only 22 when combined with those rated by Moody’s rating servic from amoing more than 400 Authority bond issues across the Commonwealth. In March 2008, our rating was increased to an A+, which allows us to borrow funds at lower interest rates, which translates into savings to our customers.

In 2006, and again in 2015, the Insurance Services Office (ISO) issued a letter (see link below for letter) to the Borough of Perkasie citing the improvement to the Fire Protection flow throughout the system and lowering the Borough’s fire rating from a class 5 to a class 3, which may lower the rates property owners pay for fire insurance. Check with your own insurance agent to confirm.

We think these points, and many others that we could mention, show that PRA is a viable, efficient and responsible organization that is a leader in the public water industry. We are quite proud of our accomplishments and invite and encourage the public to come see what we do.

Our Commitment To You!

  • Safe, High-Quality Water
  • Efficient Sewer Services
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Community Involvement
  • Courteous, Trained Employees
  • Latest Technology